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Stefan Dudler

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18.08.2017  Gastronomie et Golf 2018
Dimanche 24 et lundi 25 juin 2018
Croisons la fourchette et le fer 7

01.01.2017  Invitations to the chapitres
Invitations to the chapitres nationaux


20.01.2018  Embassy:  Basel
Les Quatre Saisons Hotel Pullmann à Bâle
am Abend, bei Marc Haubensak, Peter Moser & Team

What is Club prosper Montagné - Académie Suisse des gastronomes?

Club Prosper Montagné is a fraternity, which supports and encourages gastronomy. Its members are both amateurs and professionals. The professional members are chosen for the quality of their cuisine and products. They are among the very finest representatives of the Swiss restaurant and food trades. Each new admission to membership is carefully verified.

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